Lilikoi Passion Fruit Exotic Fruit Jelly Candy (soft)

Our popular Lilikoi Passion Fruit Exotic Fruit Jelly candies have intense flavors that almost defy description. People tell us they're like nothing else they've ever tasted. We think it would be a shame for anyone not to experience this unique culinary experience. Over 50% (by weight) of the ingredients are fruits or vegetables. No added fruit color or flavoring. 

Ingredients: lilikoi passion fruits(pulp and ground seeds), organic sugar, glucose syrup, pectin, citric acid

  • Single Piece - $0.75 each
  • 6-Piece Box (1.4 Oz./41g) - $5.49
  • 12-Piece Box (3.0 Oz./86g) - $11.49
  • 18-Piece Box (4.7 Oz./132g) - $16.49
  • 24-Piece Box (6.0 Oz./170g) - $22.99
  • 36-Piece Box (9.1 Oz./259g) - $32.99

Storage: Keep at room temperature (60º fahrenheit), avoid direct sunlight and other sources of heat.  Store in refrigerator, if necessary.  

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