Maui Sweet Pineapple Wine Jelly

This wine jelly candy is made from Maui Winery's popular sweet pineapple wine. Over 50% (by weight) of ingredients is Maui sweet pineapple wine. No added fruit color or flavoring. 

Ingredients: Maui sweet pineapple wine, organic cane sugar, glucose syrup, pectin, citric acid

  • Single Piece - $0.75 each
  • 6-Piece Box (1.4 Oz./41g) - $5.49
  • 12-Piece Box (3.0 Oz./86g) - $11.49
  • 18-Piece Box (4.7 Oz./132g) - $16.49
  • 24-Piece Box (6.0 Oz./170g) - $22.99
  • 36-Piece Box (9.1 Oz./259g) - $32.99

Storage: Keep at room temperature (60º fahrenheit), avoid direct sunlight and other sources of heat.  Store in refrigerator, if necessary. 

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