by Lin ter Horst August 29, 2021

  • Guava Crepe Recipe
  • Lilikoi Passion Fruit Sauce Recipe

We made these guava crepes and they were amazing when paired with the lilikoi sauce we made from our lilikoi puree.

You will need a crepe spreader and a non-stick frying pan or a cast iron crepe pan. The one used in this video is made by Matfer Bourgeat, and can be found here.  If you are new to making crepes, finding the right heat setting for your stove is the most important thing, just like making pancakes.  For mixing, you just have to whisk a lot to make sure there is no flour lump.  If you follow our instructions below it should be easy!

We made a video on how we make this guava crepe and lilikoi passion fruit sauce recipe - WATCH VIDEO

Guava Crepe Ingredients:

220 g All Purpose Flour
27 g Granulated Sugar
7 g Fine Sea Salt
150 g (3 large) Eggs (eggs plus water together total 166 g)
400 g  Milk or Coconut Cream (1 can)
220 g Maui Fruit Jewels Guava Puree
66 g Melted Butter or Canola Oil
16 g Filtered Water

Makes about 15 medium crepes 


1) Scale and prepare all ingredients.

2) Add flour, sugar, and salt to a medium size mixing bowl and whisk to combine.

3) Add eggs to the dry mixture and whisk to combine.  If the net weight of your 3 eggs ex the shells come out to be a little short of 150g, just add some water to make sure the total amount adds up to 150g.  If your 3 eggs are more than 150g, than just subtract the same amount from the 16g of water called for at the bottom of the recipe.  As long as total eggs plus water equal to 166g, you are good.  However, since eggs function as a coagulant in this recipe, you shouldn't deviate too much from the quantity of eggs called for in the recipe.

4) Add milk to the mixture in 4 additions and whisk after each addition to combine.  If too much milk is added at once, it will be difficult to get the flour lumps out.  If you are a little short on milk, you can also replace with water.  Whisk until the mixture is free of any lump.

5) Add Maui Fruit Jewels Guava Puree to mixture and whisk until thoroughly combined.

6) Add melted butter or canola oil to mixture and whisk to emulsify.

7) Add water to mixture until thoroughly combined.

8) The batter is a bit thicker than a batter that doesn't contain fruit puree.  No worries.


 Lilikoi Sauce Ingredients:

170 g (3/4 cups)  Maui Fruit Jewels Lilikoi Passion Fruit Puree
125 g (1/2 cup) Granulated Sugar
3 servings


1) Scale and prepare all ingredients.

2) Add Maui Fruit Jewels Lilikoi Passion Fruit Puree to small sauce pot, heat pot until slight boil.

3) Stir granulated sugar into the slightly boiling puree and heat until a full boil.

4) Remove from heat. Serve hot or cold. 

Lin ter Horst
Lin ter Horst