Tropical Confections Inspired by Hawaii

Crafted with Care: Our recipe includes a generous portion of paradise.

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This is the idea that sparked them all—tiny jellies filled with fresh fruit and made on Maui.

Sliceable and versatile, these fruit pastes are sweet soulmates to your favorite cheeses—and can also be cooked to create mouthwatering dishes infused with sunshine. What will you create?

Liven up your cocktails, smoothies, baking, and cooking with fresh purées made from 100% Hawaiian fruits. It’s like picking fruit straight from the tree.

Pair your afternoon tea with these buttery cookies studded with our signature exotic fruit jellies.

About Our Fruits

All of our fruits are grown in Hawaii, and most are grown on Maui—foraged from the coast of Napili to the rainforests of Hana. These tropical delicacies benefit from the island’s rich volcanic soil and intense sunshine throughout the year.


Give the ultimate taste of the island.

Tuck a slice of paradise into your suitcase and give it to someone you love, or reach for a bright, luxurious box of Hawaiian treats as a thoughtful hostess gift.


Wonderful authentic treats from Hawaii

These are amazing treats that is a burst of local island flavors. These have lots of real fruit and pectin, with nothing artificial added. I recently bought these for gifts for my friends in Japan and they loved it. Highly recommend these treats.


— Joy H.
On 6-pc Hana Collection - Exotic Fruit Jellies

Jelly paradise

I have a long time obsession with fruit jellies, and also with passion fruit, but most are too sweet. I love that these are natural, and not coated in sugar. A little splurge, but so worth it!


— Melissa B.
On Lilikoi Passion Exotic Fruit Jellies


We have always loved the candies and fruit pastes but to now have the tropical flavors of Hawaii in a shortbread cookie is even better. Great for gift giving and hoarding for your own treat!


— Naomi C.
On 20-Piece Shortbread with Hawaii Fruits (5 Flavors)

Maui fruit jewels

Maui Jewels are a taste of paradise

A sensuous exotic taste sensation that will take you in spirit to the crown jewel of the Hawaiian Islands - Maui. Just as Maui has a diverse landscape, so these mouth-watering morsels have a delicious range of tastes. Make me want to hop on the next plane to Kahului.


— John S.
On 5.4 Oz. Haiku Collection Soft Fruit Candy (18-20 Pieces)


Wonderful with cheese and charcuterie! Also great with toast. The passion fruit hawaii fruit paste added a touch of elegance as well as great flavor.


— Lorna Y.
On Passion Fruit Hawaii Fruit Paste

fruit pastes incomparably delicious

We have tried each of the fruit paste flavors and bought some as gifts too. Excellent on fresh bread with a brie or other soft cheese.


— Jessica W.
On Hawaiian Chili Pepper Hawaii Fruit Paste

So delicious!

We were given a sample of Maui Fruit Jewels and i was a little skeptical because I thought they would be like the kid’s snacks that you buy at the supermarket. How wrong I was! The fruit flavors are intense and exotic. They are sweet but taste natural. They pair with so many things like savory cheeses but are really fantastic on their own. I will be a repeat customer.


— Jody C.
On 18-pc Lahaina Collection - Exotic Fruit Jellies

Exotic fruit jellies

delicious reminder of Maui

We bought a small box of Maui Fruit Jewels while on Maui, bringing them home to California. We loved them so much we ordered several larger assortments to bring as gifts to family in England and they loved them as well. I would say these flavours are better than any French Pate de fruit we have ever tasted, with a clean and distinct flavour We look forward to trying all the other flavours!


— Irene S.
On 9-pc Haiku Collection - Exotic Fruit Jellies (discontinued collection)


We got to sample the Maui Fruit Pate de fruit at the Whole Foods in Kahala back in April while visiting family. It was so delicious we keep ordering more for our friends and family on the mainland! Its so ono and the real fruit comes shining through!


— Laura M.
On Hawaiian Chili Pepper Pineapple Hawaii Fruit Paste


Bought this for my best friends birthday. She used to live on Maui and was OVER THE MOON to receive the gift!! It’s perfect swirled into Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream.
I absolutely love the Lilikoi flavor and quality of pure products this company delivers. ✨✨🌺


— Nicola S.
On Lilikoi Passion Fruit Fruit Puree