About Our Fruits

At the heart of each Maui Fruit Jewels sweet is a lush, tropical island in the Pacific Ocean—with a love story buried in the juicy center (read about it below!). Our exotic jellies, fresh purées, fruit-studded shortbread, and fruit pastes are filled with wines, spices, and Hawaiian fruits, grown here on Maui—including:

Start with a base of locally-grown, world-class tropical fruit, then add minimal, high-quality ingredients—organic cane sugar, pectin, and glucose—for the final touch. No preservatives, artificial coloring, or flavoring.

Whether you’re looking for an edible omiyage (the adopted Japanese tradition of gifting souvenirs) to remember your time on the island—or seek a few delicious moments of escape to a tropical paradise, let Maui Fruit Jewels invite vibrant sunshine right to your doorstep.

Fruit trees nudged by a summer breeze. Palm fronds dancing against a bright Hawaiian sun. Intense greenery, beset by mountains above a sparkling sea. Our production process begins in the luscious landscape of Maui, where farmers nurture mineral-rich volcanic soil to tend to their tropical fruit crops. Once local farmers have harvested their crops at peak ripeness, we handcraft each batch of fruits into delectable treats with minimal added ingredients, so the flavors speak for themselves.

What’s that little green label on every box? The Hawai’i Seal of Quality is a stamp of recognition celebrating the best of Hawaii-grown goods—so you can be sure each sweet bite gives back to the land it came from (on Maui, we call this land ‘aina).

Hello! We’re Lin and Chris ter Horst, the epicureans at the helm of Maui Fruit Jewels.

We fell in love while working in Beijing over a shared passion for running. Our roots had carried us all over the world—Lin was born in Shanghai and raised in New York; Chris is a native of the Netherlands—before we found our home on this beloved tropical island.

When we moved to Maui in 2012, we were instantly enamored by the island’s exotic fruit orchards. Each morning on our daily runs, sea breezes carried the aromas of fresh Hawaiian fruits—one day it would be ripe guava or lilikoi, the next it was yellow mangoes and noni. Struck with inspiration, we saw an opportunity to create sweet, tropical treats from the bounty.

That’s when the idea for Maui Fruit Jewels began to shine.

Lin—an accomplished pastry chef who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London—tuned into her passion for confections and immediately started infusing traditional sweets, like French pâte de fruits, with as many locally-grown fruits as possible.

Chris, a recovering engineer and professional triathlon athlete who had initially planned to consume his days on Maui training up and down the island, soon found himself in the kitchen as well.

Maui Fruit Jewels remains a family-run operation, inspired by Hawaii and its people. We sell our ever-growing product line weekly at the Maui Upcountry Farmer’s Market, alongside the local growers whose fresh fruit is concocted into treats in our certified commercial kitchen in Wailuku.

We’re thrilled to offer you a taste of the island no matter where you are. We hope you come for a visit soon.


Lin & Chris