Wholesale (2013)


Aloha Chefs, Guest Services Managers, and Service Professionals,

 At Maui Fruit Jewels, we offer most of our products in bulk for your food service needs.

 Looking to enhance your steak with a fruit glaze? We provide fruit pureés!

 Need a sweet touch for your menu’s new cheesecake? We have fruit pastes!

 Want to impress guests with personalized products and/or packaging? We offer these capabilities too!

 Maui Fruit Jewels is a small, local company that owns the end-to-end production process — from procuring Hawaii-grown fruits to final product packaging — enabling us to offer our customized products at a small minimum order quantity with competitive price points.


 For the Professional Kitchen

Chefs use our Fruit Purees to craft sauces, cocktails, cakes, fillings, etc. Made from 100% Hawaii-grown fruits with no added ingredients, our fruit purees come in 1 and 2-pound bags and are shelf-stable. We currently offer Banana, Guava, Lilikoi Passion Fruit with Whole Seeds, and Pineapple for the retail sector. For food service, in addition to these fruits, we also have in stock Hawaii-grown Lychee, Mango, Papaya, Yuzu (zest or juice), and Orange (pulp). Maui Fruit Jewels purees are a high quality, cost effective alternative to imported fruit purees. Our Fruit Purees require refrigeration after opening.

 Our Hawaii Fruit Paste line resembles quince paste. They serve as a perfect pairing for cheese, and a delicious addition to charcuterie boards. Often our customers reconstitute them for a refreshment or sauce base. For food service, we have made this product line available in 3 and 6-pound slabs. Hawaii Fruit Paste requires refrigeration and has 6 months of shelf-life. 

 Please contact us by phone (808-419-8678) or email (chris@mauiepicure.com) for food service pricing, inquiries about custom flavors, finding a distributor nearest to you, or to speak with our in-house chef for advice and suggestions. We look forward to working with you!


 For Gifting

Maui Fruit Jewels also offers Exotic Fruit Jellies and Shortbread with Hawaii Fruits. Made from fruits grown in Hawaii, both lines are packaged as individually wrapped treats presented in premium gift boxes, creating a truly unique and local gift to share aloha.

 We package both products in-house, allowing us the opportunity to print your logo or message on each individual wrapper, and you the opportunity to personalize it for your amenity, gift, wedding favor, corporate event, etc.

 Our gift boxes can be personalized with a sleeve or completely redesigned, available for small minimum order quantities and short turn around times. See the following examples demonstrating our capabilities/possible designs.

 Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs. We are a small and flexible local company and would love to hear from you!


 Aloha Retail Store Buyers,

 All retail products sold on our website are also available for wholesale. For most products, your opening order comes with point of sale signage, and re-orders come with samples. Please contact Chris by phone (808-419-8678) or email (chris@mauiepicure.com) for more info on pricing and setting up an account.