Maui Fruit Jewels for Food Service, Retail, Hospitality, & Gifts

Sourcing and Production

As a family-owned business on Maui, we carefully oversee every stage of our production process: from sourcing local fruits at peak ripeness to placing each individually wrapped jelly in sturdy, brightly colored boxes. This end-to-end ownership means we’re able to offer competitive pricing and customizable packages for chefs, hotel managers, retail buyers, and event planners alike.

If you don’t see something that meets your needs on the below pages, please contact us—together, we’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Food Service — Aloha, chefs!

Start with a base of locally-grown, world-class tropical fruit, then add minimal, high-quality ingredients—organic cane sugar, pectin, and glucose—for the final touch. No preservatives, artificial coloring, or flavoring.

Whether you’re looking for an edible omiyage (the adopted Japanese tradition of gifting souvenirs) to remember your time on the island—or seek a few delicious moments of escape to a tropical paradise, let Maui Fruit Jewels invite vibrant sunshine right to your doorstep.

Hawaiian Fruit Pureés

Our purées are made from 100% pure fruit, with no added sugar, preservatives, or food coloring. They’re a cost-effective way to incorporate high-quality, tropical Hawaiian fruits into your menu. Many restaurants use these purées as a base for cocktails, sauces, cakes, pie fillings, or marinades—with enough creativity, anything is possible! Please refrigerate the purées after opening to ensure freshness.

MangoGuavaPineappleYuzuLilikoi Passion Fruit

We also offer exclusive seasonal flavors. Please contact us for more information..

Hawaiian Fruit Pastes

Our purées are made from 100% pure fruit, with no added sugar, preservOur fruit pastes are sliceable, similar to a quince paste. Commonly used to complement cheese or charcuterie boards, they’re also a sweet addition to baked goods and sauces. The pastes require refrigeration and have a six-month shelf life.

For food service professionals, the fruit pastes come in three- and six-pound portions, and you can choose from these delightful flavors:

Hawaiian Chili Pepper PineappleLilikoi Passion FruitGuavaPineapple  • Turmeric Ginger Pineapple • Mango • Papaya • Banana • Maui Red Wine • Ginger Pineapple • Lychee

Please contact (808) 419-8678 or email us at info@mauiepicure.com for pricing, custom flavors, or to find a distributor near you.


Find your Hawaiian omiyage: Embrace the Japanese tradition of gifting regional food specialties with brightly colored boxes of small Hawaiian treasures.

On Maui and around the world, our treats offer coveted tastes of exotic, Hawaiian-grown fruits. Retail partners feature our confections in the local section of their stores, providing a sweet serving of island delight to anyone savoring their vacation—or fantasizing about a return trip.

All of the products sold on our website are available for bulk wholesale orders. Most initial orders include point-of-sale signage, and re-orders include complimentary product samples. To open an account and learn more about pricing, please contact (808) 419-8678 or email us at info@mauiepicure.com


Let guests savor the last island sunrise with a fresh burst of tropical fruit—or unwind in their rooms with an expertly crafted grazing board brimming with local flavors.

Whether you’re a hotel chef looking to infuse your menu with local flavor or a hospitality manager searching for unique amenities to offer your guests, our refreshing line of products—prized for its versatility and Maui-inspired flavors—has what you need.

We partner with many luxury and boutique hotels on Maui to provide guest amenities, bespoke ingredients for in-house chefs, and customized collections and packaging for gifting valued guests. Many chefs incorporate our fruit pastes and purées in original pastries, tropical cocktails, sauces, and glazes—or use them to decorate ornate cheese boards. Meanwhile, guests enjoy returning to find shortbreads and exotic fruit jellies in their room after turndown service.

To learn about our custom hospitality products and flavor offerings, please contact (808) 419-8678 or email us at info@mauiepicure.com

Corporate & Personalized Gifts

A cherished memento of an unforgettable special event, a mahalo for employees after a year of hard work, or a delectable treat to showcase your brand—Maui makes gifting sweet, whatever the occasion.

We print our confection packaging in-house, meaning we can collaborate with event planners, destination management companies (DMCs), and businesses to provide custom sweets at competitive prices. Exotic fruit jellies and shortbreads studded with Hawaiian fruits are individually wrapped, making them the perfect morsels for trade events, candy bowls, and holiday corporate gifts. If you’re feeling creative, you can even opt to customize our premium gift boxes with a new design or personalized sleeve.

To get started on your custom order, please contact (808) 419-8678 or email us at info@mauiepicure.com. We would be thrilled to work together and create something special for your event or brand.