Product Questions

What are exotic fruit jellies? How are they made?

Good question! Our signature fruit jellies are the tropical answer to a classic French confection called pâte de fruits, which have been popular in France for hundreds of years (even Voltaire raved about them).

To make our jellies, we use French techniques and island ingredients—combining fresh fruit purées or wine with organic cane sugar, citric acid, glucose (for stability), and pectin (for thickening). The treats are 100% vegan and wheat-free; each is sealed individually to ensure long-lasting freshness.

What’s in your fruit purées? How should I use them in my cooking?

Our fruit purées are made from 100% pure, fresh Hawaiian fruit grown on Maui. We purée raw fruits, then pasteurize these purées so that they are shelf-stable.

These purées bring out the taste of tropical sunshine, wherever you are. We recommend adding them to cocktails, marinades, baked goods (think cakes, pie fillings, or breads), and sauces; feel free to get creative! Here are some of our favorite recipes using the purées.

What is a fruit paste?

A fruit paste is a firm, sliceable jelly, often found throughout Europe in cheese shops—quince pastes are particularly common. Enjoy it on toast, use it for baking—or serve it up as a sweet addition to your next charcuterie board, inspired by the recommended cheese pairings listed on every box!

What about your shortbreads? What’s special about those?

Maui Fruit Jewels’ shortbreads are delectable butter cookies (in French, sablés) studded with fruit jellies. They’re an ideal accompaniment to your morning coffee or afternoon tea and make great hostess gifts.

Where do you get your fruit?

We partner with many local growers and foragers to obtain the majority of the fruit we use, both on Maui and on other Hawaiian islands.

Where can I buy Maui Fruit Jewels products?

You can buy any of the Maui Fruit Jewels products online or from these stockists on Hawaii and the mainland. We also offer wholesale and personalized orders for food service vendors, restaurants, events, the hospitality industry, and more.

How should I store your products for maximum freshness?

Our individually wrapped jellies will stay fresh for up to one year. They should be kept in a cool, dry place, and avoid direct sunlight. To maintain the chewy texture of the jellies, avoid refrigeration, which can harden them.

The purées are shelf-stable for nine months and should be refrigerated after opening. Once the pouch is open, they should be consumed within two weeks.

The pastes have a shelf life of 12 months and should be refrigerated after opening. They should be consumed within two months after opening for the best flavor.

The shortbreads are best eaten within six months and should be kept in a cool, dry place. Avoid refrigerating the shortbreads, as it will cause the jellies in them to harden.

I bought your product as a gift—can I fly with Maui Fruit Jewels in my suitcase?

Yes! The tropical products you’ll find on our site are all great souvenirs to bring back after a trip to Maui. The jellies and shortbreads can be packed in your carry-on luggage, while the purées and pastes should be packed in your checked luggage, as they are classified as liquids. None of our confections are considered “agriculture products,” so they’re safe to bring back to the mainland.

If you overpacked and don’t have any more room in your suitcase, remember that all of our products are available online with low-cost shipping options to the mainland.


What sweeteners do you use in your products?

To complement the natural sweetness of the fruit, we add a touch of organic cane sugar to some of our products. While it isn’t implicitly a sweetener, the glucose provides some sweetness as well.

What is glucose? Why do you use it?

Glucose is an inverted sugar commonly used in European confectionery and baking that helps stabilize the finished product. The glucose we use is imported from Belgium and made from non-GMO corn.

I live in a hot/warm environment. Will the exotic fruit jellies melt?

The exotic fruit jellies will “sweat” some in high temperatures, but will only melt if they are cooked over direct heat.

What is pectin? Why do you use it?

Pectin is a naturally occurring soluble dietary fiber found in the walls of most fruits and some vegetables that helps thicken and set jams, jellies, or soups. Berries, apples, citruses, and cranberries contain high amounts of pectin—imagine making cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, which thickens because of pectin! We use it as a gelling agent in some of our products to help them set and thicken naturally, without using gelatin.

Are your products vegan and/or gluten-free?

The exotic fruit jellies, purées, and pastes are all vegan, gluten-free, and made without artificial coloring or flavors—just pure Hawaiian goodness. When possible, we use entirely organic products and fruits. However, please be aware that our shortbreads do contain gluten, and as such our commercial kitchen is not gluten-free.

How much sugar do you use in your products?

The exotic jellies and pastes contain more than 50% pure fruit. The remaining ingredients are organic cane sugar (never refined), glucose, pectin, and citric acid—meaning our products contain significantly less sugar than most other jams or jellies you will find.

Our purées are 100% pure, fresh, Hawaiian fruit—we just save you a trip to the island to get it.

Are your products safe to eat for diabetics?

Because our products do contain organic sugar and natural sugars from the fruits, we don’t recommend them for people with diabetes. For people looking to simply avoid sugar, our unique production process allows us to maximize the flavor of Hawaiian fruits in each treat, so you can happily eat only one or two and still feel like you’re in paradise.

Do you think you’ll ever use honey or agave nectar to sweeten your products instead of sugar?

We are constantly looking to evolve our products, but have found that to maintain our high-quality standards, organic cane sugar yields the best results. As such, we don’t have any plans to switch.

What about sugar substitutes like xylitol? Have you ever tried using those?

Though sugar substitutes have become popular in recent years, we have no plans to use any of them in our products in the foreseeable future, because there is no comprehensive data to show the long-term effects on humans.


What kind of wholesale orders do you accept?

We enjoy working with restaurants and food service vendors, hotels, large corporations, small event planners, and more! Because we run the entire production process, from sourcing ingredients to packaging, we offer competitive pricing and flexibility to our wholesale vendors.

We would love to connect with you and see how Maui Fruit Jewels can sweeten your business. Here is more information on our wholesale opportunities. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us directly to discuss.

I’m interested in offering custom branded treats at an event. Is this something you can help me with?

Absolutely! We love wrapping our jellies and shortbreads with unique logos and messages, whether you’re a major corporation or looking for small wedding favors. Find more information here, and please reach out with any questions.

Shipping & Returns

Do you offer shipping to the mainland?

Yes! We offer low-cost shipping to the mainland and within Hawaii. Your exact shipping rate will be calculated at checkout.

What about international shipping?

We offer that, too! Your shipping rate will be calculated based on your delivery address when you check out.

How long does shipping normally take?

Typically, our products are delivered within three to five days via USPS Priority Mail. For larger orders ($100+), we may opt to use UPS Ground shipping, which typically has similar shipping times. International orders are also shipped through USPS.

Note: We package and send out all orders within [XX days/hours] of them being placed. Unfortunately, once we drop them off with USPS, the timeframes are out of our control. As a small business, we kindly ask for your patience in the event of any unforeseen shipping delays. If you have still not received your order within XX days, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Do you ship to APO and PO boxes?

Yes, we do!

What is your return policy?

We want you to be thrilled with your purchase—please contact us if you have any problem with your order.

If you have received a damaged or defective order, contact us with your order number within 30 days of its delivery for a refund or exchange. We may request photos of the damaged item to process your request. Within five business days of hearing from you, we’ll let you know if we’re able to offer a return or exchange.